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Dani Kist Music is the multi-faceted musical brand where I offer four different services.

One is the performance service, where harp is my main instrument but I also offer piano, organ, and singing. I am available to perform at weddings, other events, as well as performing as a session musician, primarily as a harpist, for composers who compose in a variety of different styles. More specific information about both facets is in the Performance page on this website, including my rates.

Another is my composition, where I have some of my tracks on my Soundcloud which can be accessed through my Music page on my website. In addition, on my Composition page on this website, I go into more detail about the music that I compose and what I offer, including songwriting, both with cowriting and songwriting on commission, and composing instrumental tracks more akin to my Soundcloud tracks.

Arranging is another service I offer, where I can arrange a song or composition for many varieties of instruments, including both instruments that I perform and those that I don’t – more information about arrangement types and my rates are on my Arranging page.

My teaching facet is one I started recently, as I want to pay all of the incredible musical education I have received forward in any way I can. As I have been fortunate enough to learn in a Classical way and adapt in a more contemporary style, I offer both styles of teaching harp. I also offer composition, improvisation and music theory teaching. You can learn more about it in my Teaching page on my website.

To learn more about me, you can also visit my Bio section, where I go more in detail about who I am, and if you want to contact me about any of these facets, go to my Contact Me page where i have a Contact Me form you can fill out! I hope you enjoy perusing my website!

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